EarthCredits is a non for profit corporation located in Nashville, Tennessee that is made up of individuals with a desire to provide everyone with an opportunity to help the Earth’s environment. As a group we fear that there are a number of organizations that have formed under disguise, to take donations from individuals wanting to improve the ecosystem, yet those funds are misdirected or never used to make any difference. To the greatest extent possible, we want individuals to know and have full confidence that their donations will be used to offset and repair the damage we have caused to the environment.

The vision of EarthCredits is to create useable public parks, wetlands, and greenways through the purchase of carbon offsets, water quality offsets, tree banking, and individual donations. It is our mission to provide assurance that all funds collected will actually be used to make a difference to the earth’s ecosystem. We hope that many projects will be completed worldwide so that all who purchase offsets or donations will be close enough to a completed project to visit and enjoy.

Another primary vision of EarthCredits is to promote cost-effective ways to conserve and save energy and water resources through education of the general public. It is our dream to provide literature to schoolchildren throughout the world on how they can make a difference in their lifetimes.

Finally, EarthCredits also sells energy offsets or “credits” in order to provide funding for sustainable energy, energy saving, and green energy projects.

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