Earth Credits goes beyond just reducing your carbon footprint. Together we strive to reverse the trend of damage to our planet. A contribution through Earth Credits is an assured contribution towards making a difference.

Tree Banking

One of the most rewarding opportunities through a donation to EarthCredits is the ability to donate trees directly to the city or municipality where you live and receive a tax credit as well.

Water Quality

EarthCredits uses a portion of its resources to enhance water quality through re-vegetation of damaged or destroyed streambeds, remediation of damaged stream channels, and the creation of wetlands.

Wetland Creation

EarthCredits through land donation, acquisition, and construction actively works to create and/or expand wetlands. These wetlands enhance the quality of water while providing a habitat for a variety of wetland wildlife.

Public Parks & Open Spaces

The revolutionary result of a donation through EarthCredits is the creation of Public Parks, Greenways, and Open Spaces. Other carbon offset efforts simply plant trees in remote locations like South America.