“Global Warming is the greatest challenge facing our planet, and the greatest ever faced. But it’s one problem we can solve if we come together and take action.”

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The sale of carbon credits to date is an unregulated activity that provides you with no assurance that your donation is making a difference. EarthCredits is working with regulators to ensure that not only is your donation regulated, but that your investment is making a real difference.

Every carbon credit purchased through EarthCredits will provide funding for a restoration site, a public park or open space, or other carbon counterbalance efforts near to where you live.

Carbon Credits for you car

Your car creates a large volume of CO2 every year. EarthCredits helps you to cancel the negative effects.

Green House Gas Reductions for Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County Projects

All carbon offset purchases in Nashville, Tennessee shall be based upon the amount of carbon calculated using a calculator provided on Metro Web Site: http://mpw.nashville.gov/greenparking
A carbon offset in Nashville allows you to purchase a green parking permit to park at downtown metered parking at no cost, not to exceed the time limit on the meter. Upon purchase you will be provided a receipt and then may purchase a parking pass from the County Court Clerk’s Office.
Upon purchase of an offset, Earthcredits will provide you with a certificate that your green house gas offset is real, additional, measureable, and verifiable. Additionally all green house gas reductions shall occur in Davidson County in a public space or conservation easement.

< 4.0 tons/yr CO2

4.0 to 6.0 tons/yr CO2

6.0 to 8.0 tons/yr CO2

> 8.0 tons/yr CO2

Carbon Credits for your travel

Although flying is safe and convenient, planes make a huge impact toward global warming.
Earth Credits helps you balance your impact. With each purchase you receive bag tags for your luggage.

6,000 miles

10,000 miles

20,000 miles

40,000 miles

100,000 miles


Carbon Credits for your home

An average home produces 1/4 your total carbon footprint.
Earth Credits provides you with an opportunity to fight global warming.

2,000 sq ft

2,000 to 3,000 sq ft

3,000 sq ft or more